Education in Virtual Reality

number hunt.jpeg

Math Blast

This is a great eSports game for kids. Set as a fast-paced VR shooter with the goal of shooting numbers that add up to numbers on your blaster, this is an addictive VR brain game.

Four users can play at one time and matches usually last about 15 minutes, making this a perfect after school program or part of a VR summer camp. 


Immersive Programming

Learn the basics of object oriented VR programming in as little as 30 minutes. Drag and drop modules and connect them to see what they produce. 

IDR is an ideal basis for a coding camp or after school program. Students are broken into groups of 2 with one student outside the headset giving instruction and the other inside building the program.


Frog Dissection

A full length frog dissection minus the formaldehyde. Dissection Simulator: Frog Edition lets you open the frog, remove and examine organs, and do everything you would do in a real dissection.


Nature Quest

Explore tropical beaches, underwater oceans and even take to the stars. Command the weather, meet over 60 different animals and take control of the night or create and shape your own world.